Gospel Inspirational Fellowship Tabernacle


The Gospel Inspirational Fellowship was initially established at the Upper Heyford military base in England in 1978.  This service was designed to meet the spiritual needs of those American servicepersons stationed in the United Kingdom.  The Lord helped us assist the Base Chapel to provide pastoral worship for the military there at the local base and also assisted several other military bases in the United Kingdom.  This service lasted over 10 years and was disbaned when the military began closing military bases and relocating the military leaders of the worship services.  A lot of spiritual needs were met during the 10-year tenure.  Bishop Donald Hayes, the originator initiator of the worship services in England, was able to re-establish the Gospel Inspirational Fellowship at a military base in Texas, and he also charted the work and became a 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization in 1989.

In 2001, the Lord said that it was time for the GIF to expand its ministry. We made a bold move by moving to a new location off the military base. We then stepped out on faith by purchasing land and we now own DEBT FREE LAND!!! It is our vision to open up a Computer Libratory; initiate an after school program for children, establish a counseling center, and erect a multi-purpose worship center/gymnasium. We have completed our Sanctuary and had our Grand Opening on 27 September, 2009.  Now we are ready to do Ministry!!! “To God, Be the Glory!”